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The City

Coventry grew up around a tree belonging to Cofa, hence its eventual name. In 1043 Leofric, the local Earl and husband to Lady Godiva, founded a Benedictine monastery there - and the Lady, it is said, rode naked through the town!
Local industries included dyeing wool and silk weaving, before becoming a centre for bicycle and car manufacture in the late 19th and 20th centuries. Badly damaged in WWII, the city has a famous modern cathedral, based on a celebrated Ministry of Reconciliation.


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Curious AboutCoventry provides surprises, with a well-blended mix of old and new. The 11th largest city in the UK, it's famous for its watchmaking, motor manufacturing, ribbon industry, innovative technologies, and a modern cathedral which sits beside the ruins of its former cathedral, destroyed in World War II. Take yourself back hundreds of years as you walk along a 13th century street lovingly restored. Visit the bewitching Transport Museum, or trip down a series of squares cascading down a once natural hillside - and, of course, don't forget to look out for Lady Godiva riding by on her horse!
Take our fabulous walks of discovery, and have fun finding answers to clues which tell you more, whilst reading our stories about the most interesting facts.

First Walk
Wheelchair friendlyChildren's University
Theatre to Cathedral

From Coventry’s famous theatre you are quickly immersed in medieval history, before taking a bizarre turn through a modern shopping precinct with a large statue of Lady Godiva at its end. Now you’re back into olde-worlde Coventry, with cobbled streets and plaques commemorating its history in all directions. At the end are two of Coventry’s cathedrals – one razed in 1940, and the modern cathedral built in its wake.
(1.25 miles / 2 kms)

Second Walk
Wheelchair friendly, but diversion needed at one pointChildren's University
Cathedral to Gardens

Starting at its third cathedral you will experience more of Coventry’s history before descending a hill via its first cathedral, restored Cloisters, and a modern waterfall. Opening out onto a public meeting place, with its unique Time Zone clock facing the Transport Museum, you finish your journey of discovery in more peaceful climes at the delightful gardens of the late Lady Herbert – a ‘flowery oasis in central Coventry’.
(0.75 miles / 1.2 kms)

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