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The City

Ely, originally the Isle of Eels, was once only accessible by boat until the Fens were drained. It got its name because the number of eels found in the surrounding waters heavily outnumbered the number of people living there!
Rich in folk history, Ely was the stronghold of Hereward the Wake. It was also home to Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England.
Ely is England's 3rd smallest city, but famous for its magnificent, imposing cathedral, and charmed by its river and bustling marina.


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What people are saying...
"We'd never really considered Ely before today, then we tried your walks and fell in love with it. The magnificent cathedral, the lovely parks and gardens, and the the bustling river - which we watched with a drink in our hands... Thanks for opening our eyes!"

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Ely Weather?

Ely Weather

Things to do in Ely?

Curious AboutEly is an ancient Cambridgeshire city, occupying the largest 'island' in the Fens. Rich in folk history, it is the 3rd smallest city in England. That said, there is an abundance of interesting places to explore. Most commanding is the resplendent cathedral, built by William the Conqueror. Then there are almshouses, antiquated dwellings, one of the oldest schools in the world, a 19th century brewhouse, stories of eels, and the vibrant marina, built on the Ouse.
If you visit by train, don't miss the stunning approach to the city!
Take our fabulous walks of discovery, and have fun finding answers to clues which tell you more, whilst reading our stories about the most interesting facts.

First Walk
Wheelchair friendlyChildren's University
Cathedral to Cherry Hill

From the grounds of the magnificent cathedral, this walk provides a flavour of the city centre, before branching out to the picturesque house where Oliver Cromwell lived. Returning to a different view of the cathedral, you'll explore some of Ely's older streets, before ending at Cherry Hill – a park with stunning views of all that makes Ely great, and a place to play, rest, or enjoy a picnic
(1.25 miles / 2 kms)
Second Walk
Wheelchair friendlyChildren's University
Cherry Hill to Lavender Green

From Cherry Hill, with its delightful views of Ely cathedral, you make your way to the Great River Ouse via Jubilee Gardens, with its gorgeous flowers, open spaces and areas for play. Now take a walk alongside the charming river where all manner of boats skip past, or make their way into the bustling marina. Finally take a loop along interesting streets, before ending your walk back at the river and Lavender Green
(0.75 miles / 1.2 kms)

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