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The City

The history of Newcastle dates back to about AD 120, when the Romans built the first bridge to cross the River Tyne. In the 11th century William the Conqueror's son built a 'New Castle' to defend the area against the Scots. Later the town was surrounded by walls to help its defence.
In the 19th century, shipbuilding and heavy engineering were central to the city's prosperity, and the city was a powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution. Today it's a vibrant place with a population of over quarter of a million!


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Curious AboutNewcastle-Upon-Tyne is England's most northern city - more than twice as far from London as it is from Edinburgh. Dating back to Roman times there are still remains of its castle, miles of town walls, a well-preserved friary, a Guildhall and two beautiful cathedrals. From more modern times there's an impressive indoor market, a thriving Chinatown, countless shops and eateries, and the Tyne bridges - icons of Tyneside's industrial pride.
Take our fabulous walks of discovery, and have fun finding answers to clues which tell you more, whilst reading our stories about the most interesting facts.

First Walk
Wheelchair friendly, but small diversion maybe neededChildren's University
Grey's Monument to Cathedral

Starting from the imposing Grey’s Monument, this walk takes you through the bustle of the city centre, passing the legendary Grainger Market, and an old Square. Next we catch a glimpse of the town walls, before passing through Chinatown, via an ancient and remarkably preserved Friary. We take a longer look at the walls, before passing along the elegant Grey Street, to end the walk at St Nicholas Cathedral
(2 miles / 3.2 kms).

Second Walk
Wheelchair friendly, but lengthy diversion maybe neededChildren's University
Cathedral to Millennium Bridge

From the splendid cathedral, with its unusual spire, this walk heads next to the well preserved Castle Keep, before descending the unusual Dog Leap Stairs. From the bottom you can marvel at the engineering of the imposing arches of the Tyne Bridge, before approaching the Guildhall, the famous Bessie Surtees House and finally arriving at the impressive waterfront, dominated by four very different bridges (0.9 miles / 1.4 kms).

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