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The City

Norwich started as a small Saxon settlement north of the river Wensum, which grew because of its position on the river. The main industries became manufacture of wool, and leather working, and there were many goldsmiths. Surviving 3 major fires, rebellions, and the plague, the population of Norwich rose to about 25,000 by 1700. Weavers came to Norwich from the Netherlands, bringing their canaries (hence Norwich City FC's nickname), and the people of Norwich started to rear canaries as a hobby!


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What people are saying...
"Wonderful day out in Norwich! We'd not seen Elm Hill before, and it was a sheer delight - no wonder it's featured on TV and films so much. We found somewhere really nice to eat at the end too, so great design for a walk!"

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Norwich Weather?

Norwich Weather


Curious AboutNorwich is the most complete medieval city in England. There's England's largest and most colourful outdoor market, built under the controlling eye of the 11th century castle nearby. Shopping in The Lanes and beyond make it one of England's top 10 places to shop, and Elm Hill is a chocolate-box street often used by TV and film makers. Take a stroll round the cathedral and its grounds, discover beautifully architected buildings which abound, or simply sit in the shade of the many trees, sipping your drink.
Take our fabulous walks of discovery, and have fun finding answers to clues which tell you more, whilst reading our stories about the most interesting facts.

First Walk
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Castle Circular

From the imposing castle, high on a hill, you initially explore some of Norwich’s more quirky shopping streets, before arriving at a colourful area, dominated by a unique English market. Pass through the elegant and stunning Royal Arcade and exit the city’s bustle to explore a characterful street, headed by a medieval church. Traverse a leafy churchyard and end your walk back at the foot of the famous Norwich castle
(1.5 miles / 2.4 kms).
Second Walk
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Castle to Cathedral

From the castle discover some of Norwich’s most striking streets. Bridewell Alley, renowned for its museum, housed in a former prison for women and beggars. Princes Street, with its magnificent Halls dating back to the 14th century. The delightfully quaint Elm Hill, frequently used as a film set for TV and movie productions. Finally, arrive at the grounds of the cathedral, whose awesome beauty has reached out to all who visit, for over 900 years (1.25 miles / 2 kms).

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