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The Town

Shrewsbury began as a Saxon settlement, built to control the Severn river crossing on the road between Hereford and Chester.
In the Middle Ages Shrewsbury grew prosperous on the Welsh wool and flax trade, and there were many battles between English and Welsh!
Today the town centre is packed with timber-framed black & white buildings, steep narrow streets and alleyways. It boasts over 600 listed buildings, including the castle and world-famous Abbey.


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Shrewsbury Weather?

Shrewsbury Weather


Curious AboutShrewsbury is a market town whose centre is defined by a large loop of the River Severn which surrounds it. Within the loop are higgledy-piggledy streets, timber-framed buildings, a castle dating back to the 11th century, a 16th century market hall where Welsh wool was once traded, and a 29 acre park with a formal floral masterpiece called The Dingle. To cross the Severn there's Welsh Bridge, or alternatively you can use English Bridge to reach the imposing and celebrated Shrewsbury Abbey.
Take our fabulous walks of discovery, and have fun finding answers to clues which tell you more, whilst reading our stories about the most interesting facts.

First Walk
Wheelchair friendly, but diversion maybe neededChildren's University
Castle to Quarry Park

From Shrewsbury castle, dating back a thousand years, say hello to Charles Darwin – Shrewsbury’s most famous son. Travel down narrow streets alongside ancient churches, and the Tudor houses which make Shrewsbury so famous. See the Old Market Hall, a fabulous icon of the town’s trading past, before heading out to Quarry Park, and The Dingle, a lovingly landscaped sunken garden. Time for a rest, or playtime for the kids! (1.5 miles / 2.4 kms).
Second Walk
Wheelchair friendly, but diversion maybe neededChildren's University
Quarry Park to Abbey

From the resplendent Dingle, make your way past the unusual 18th century St Chad’s church, before coming across its 12th century predecessor. Now walk beside the 13th century town walls, and up narrow passageways to Tudor Shrewsbury. Across English Bridge, with spectacular views of the River Severn, you finally arrive at Shrewsbury Abbey, inspiration for many, including the world-renowned Cadfael mysteries
(1.5 miles / 2.4 kms).

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