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The Town

Stratford-upon-Avon, in South Warwickshire, was founded by the Saxons in the 7th century, with a monastery established on or near to what is now Holy Trinity church. Today Stratford is most famous for being the birthplace of William Shakespeare. The actor David Garrick revived Shakespeare’s plays in the 1760s, & since then it has become a popular tourist attraction. It is home to the world famous Royal Shakespeare Company, with its iconic theatre next to the river Avon.


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"I loved the walks - did them on my own, as I had a weekend to myself. I expected lots to do with Shakespeare (which there was!) but hadn't expected the really unusual canal, which is tucked away so it's difficult to see - but very interesting. Brilliant, thanks."

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Curious AboutStratford-Upon-Avon is a beautiful olde-worlde town with timber-framed buildings and large open spaces. Sitting in the middle are the world-famous Royal Shakespeare and Swan theatres, homages to the poet and playwright William Shakespeare who was born, baptised and buried in Stratford. The theatres in turn overlook the gorgeous River Avon which wends its way gently through the town, bounded by parks and gardens, and fed by a busy canal. See the 16th century school which Shakespeare is said to have attended, a variety of museums, and the Old Town where time has stood still for many a year.
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First Walk
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Town and Canal

From the modern, bustling Bancroft Gardens you soon enter the leisurely world of long boats and locks - a hidden treasure in the heart of Stratford. From here it’s back to an ancient street, home to Shakespeare’s birthplace and carefree tourists. Via some lesser-known streets packed with interest, you will pass yet more heritage, before arriving back in front of Stratford’s most imposing theatre
(1.3 miles / 2.1 kms).
Second Walk
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Old Town

From Stratford’s Royal Shakespeare Theatre, walk alongside the River Avon a while, before moving into the Old Town. Here it’s quieter, giving you time to soak up the atmosphere of an ancient place. Visit some Memorial Gardens and a park which was once home to a Saxon monastery. Finally you arrive at Holy Trinity Church, Shakespeare’s last resting place, alongside the beautiful, and peaceful River Avon
(1 mile / 1.6 kms).

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