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Explore Newark-On-Trent town centre with two self-guided heritage walks with a treasure hunt theme. Discover Newark's "hidden treasures" whilst having a fun day out with family and friends!
Newark is probably best known for its castle, built alongside the River Trent in 1123 by the Bishop of Lincoln – Alexander the Magnificent. King John died there in 1216 after eating a ‘surfeit of peaches’ – hope you don’t believe in ghosts! Newark is also famous for antiques and hosts the biggest antiques fair in Europe 6 times a year. British Sugar PLC runs a major factory there, processing 1.6 million tonnes of sugar beet a year. There’s a floating bar in a barge on the Trent, entry/exit via a gangplank – don't drink too much!


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Closest Curious Walks

    Curious About... Newark-On-Trent

  • An exploration of Newark-On-Trent's town centre with two self-guided heritage walks with an optional treasure hunt. Completing the treasure hunt keeps everyone actively engaged, and urges you to look up, down and every-which-way - so you won't miss out on any of the town's treasures.
    Explore, Discover, and Enjoy!
  • Most clues are chosen for their historical value, so you'll learn about the diverse culture, significant people and extraordinary events which have influenced Newark-On-Trent in becoming what it is today.
  • This is an outdoor, unsupervised activity - so you can go at a pace which suits you, whilst keeping you healthy!
  • A Curious About walk is a fun and social activity for all the family and friends. Different people can take on different roles - follow the map, identify picture clues, read directions, etc - it's ideal for children from the age of 6, and if you can walk/wheelchair it, you're young enough!
  • The two walks have been designed so that the second one follows on from where the first one ends. Do both, or have a breather and do the second one another day! They both start and finish in the heart of the town - so buses, trains and car parks are easily available to get you there and back.
  • One booklet is suitable for up to 4 people, and is available to instantly download on purchase for printing at home or for using immediately on your mobile device, or we can print it for you and send it using 1st class Royal Mail.
Curious About... Newark-On-Trent

Two walks are included in the booklet, the 2nd starts where the first finishes.

1. Castle Circular - 1.25 miles / 2 kms

Visit Newark-on-Trent and you can’t fail to be impressed with the magnificent, ruined castle, and the languid River Trent which it overlooks – like a parent looking after its child. This walk starts at the edge of the castle grounds, before crossing over the river and guiding you through a Riverside park, over a sturdy lock, along a riverside path with otters at play, via a museum, and back to the castle for a good look round.
Children's University logoChildren's University event1.25 hoursOK

2. Castle to Buttermarket - 0.75 miles / 1.2 kms

Starting at Newark’s magnificent castle, this walk winds its way round some of the town’s more interesting and historic streets. Past the ancient Governor’s House, and the 18th century Town Hall, down a couple of Newark’s quirky alleyways, and through pleasant gardens to a 15th century church. From here it’s but a small step to the bustling and historic Market Square, a fitting end to your walk.
Children's University logoChildren's University event0.75 hoursOK

The Booklet
Newark-On-Trent Booklet

Each booklet is A5 size. You can: a) download to your computer & print; b) download to your phone or tablet (different format) & use directly from there; c) order a pre-printed copy which we post to you. Each has a page dedicated to the history of the city; 2 pages summarising each walk with suggestions re what to visit along the way. Walk 1 has 21 clues & walk 2 has 14 - both with detailed directions to follow. There are stories about important people, places & events along the way; detailed instructions how to find a clue if you're stuck; a comprehensive map with the routes marked on.

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If you are enrolled in the Children's University you can now gain hours towards your next award by completing one or more of our many Curious About walks.
Please note, for safety reasons a child should be accompanied by an adult, either parent/carer or person in loco parentis. Also, the booklets may require a degree of interpretation by an adult, as well as support and guidance.
To get your Children's University sticker:
  • Buy the download or booklet (which will contain two walks).
  • Complete one or both walks in your own time.
  • Complete the Returns Form below and send it to us:
    Complete one form for each location (eg Newark-On-Trent).
    Let us know one additional interesting fact you discovered along the route for each walk you complete (this provides proof that you did it / them).
  • We will then send you an email with your sticker, which you can print, cut out and stick in your passport. Hours awarded will equal those shown against each walk.
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